Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vacation 2011

For our 10th Anniversary Marsh and I went on a 7 night cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.  It was a wonderful trip.  We really enjoyed having someone clean our room 2-3 times a day, cook all of our meals, provide all our entertainment, and just relax without a 4 year old and all the excitement that comes from day to day life.  We enjoyed Vegas style shows, the comedy club, Bingo (yes we played Bingo), the pool, great food, the sports bar where we watched the AGGIES loose L, and we even went to the gym a few times.  I am happy to say I did not gain any weight on this trip.  WHOOP!!!! 

Our First Night the Wait Staff Sang "Happy Anniversary"  to Us.

Views of the Ocean from our Balcony

Fromal Night #1
Pull Tabs from Bingo.  Basically scratch offs, without the scratching.
Sunset View from our room.

Jamaica  Our First stop was in Jamaica.  I wish I could say this was a wonderful stop but it was not as great as we thought it could be.  We were harassed in Jamaica as we walked to the recommended spot for the best Jerked Pork.  Two women followed us and talked about their shops that they wanted us to come and see.  They did help expedite getting our meal, so it may have paid off.  Marcus did love the drums, necklaces, wooden sting ray, and maraca like instrument we brought him.  But I think I can skip Jamaica in the future. 

Live Music at the Port.  You play with them for a tip of course.

A view of our Ship From Town

Marsh with his Coconut Water, taking in the aroma.

View of Jamaica off the Balcony for our room.

Grand Cayman  We loved this stop.  It was beautiful and clean.  We took went on a snorkel and stingray outing that Marsh had gone on 3 years ago.  It was WONDERFUL!!!!  We took a boat out to the snorkel location where not only did we snorkel, but one of the hosts lured out an eel that he handled so that we could see him.  We then went to the stingray location.  These 3 men come out to this location almost everyday.  They feed the stingrays and have named each of them.   These creatures are amazing.  They are the dog of the ocean.  We learned that the females are the large stingrays and the males are the small ones.  One of the stingrays just laid in our hosts arms and refused to leave him.  He said that she was his wife and the there is another female that will come and basically bite her until she leaves so that she can lay in his arms.  It was amazing.  The host told this female to give him a kiss and she lifted the front of her head up so he could kiss her.  AMAZING!!!  It is suppose to be 7 years good luck if you kiss a stingray, so I kissed her.   I will take all the luck I can get.  Of course I did get a stingray hicky later.  The stingrays eat by sucking up food.  I was holding squid and the stingray miss calculated where it was and sucked on my arm.  OUCH!!! 

Anchored Pirate Ship

Eel Anyone?

Let's Catch a Stingray

One of our Hosts Dived off the Moving Boat to get this starfish

Cleaned Up and Ready for Dinner
Formal Night #2 in the Steak House

Cozumel   This stop was good and sad.  We took a boat called a Twister out to a private Island.  This boat did 360 degree spins the way there and back.  It was GREAT fun!!!  At the island we had homemade guacamole, grilled fish, rice, beans, chips, chicken etc.  It of course poured down rain the first hour or so we were there, but then it cleared up.  But within the first 30min or so that Marsh and I were swimming, Marsh lost his Aggie Ring.  We then spent the rest of the time trying to find it.  Cozumel enjoy some Aggie gold.  On our way out of port that evening another sad incident happened, a guy jumped off our ship.  Apparently he and his significant other had been arguing and he said he bet the ship would stop if he jumped.  So he jumped (suspected he belly flopped) from the equivalent location of a 10th story.  Our ship participated in search and rescue efforts for about 2 hrs and then was excused from the search by the Mexican Authorities.  When we came back to Galveston on Sunday they still had not located his body.
Twister.  You had to wear a life vest and strap in like you would on a roller coaster.
Our Captain and His Assistant.  Charlie Brown and Ricky Ricardo.

Cozumel Port

Famous Towel Animals

Can't Wait to Take Marcus Man on this trip in a few years.